Happy Birthday, “Blue Thunder”

30 years ago, I bought the electric bass that I play to this day, a G&L L-1000. G&L was the final company of the legendary Leo Fender, creator of the modern electric bass, the Fender Precision. With G&L, Leo applied the collective wisdom from the original Fender company (sold in the 1960s to CBS) and his subsequent enterprise, Music Man, where he created another landmark bass, the Stingray.

I named my vividly blue bass “Blue Thunder,” inspired by an action flick of the early 1980s. I have played this instrument during recording sessions, on stage and in numerous garages. It has a remarkable tonal range and a great slap sound. It waited faithfully in the back of the closet during the years when I walked away from music. It jumped back into my hands when I started playing again, sounding as good as it did when its namesake was appearing in the theaters.

Happy birthday, Blue Thunder. You are proof that the power and joy of music has no age limit!

About Jason William Karpf

Author, Professor, Nonprofit Pro, Four-Time Jeopardy Champ
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