Shoma Uno, Kaori Sakamoto and others are specially strengthened players Kazuki Tomono, Mai Mihara and others are strengthened A

The Japan Skating Federation held a board of directors meeting in Tokyo on the 24th, and held a board meeting in Tokyo to present men’s figure skater Shoma Uno (Toyota Motor Corporation) and women’s figure skater Kaori Sakamoto (Sysmex), who won three consecutive world championships for the first time in 56 years. He was designated as this year’s special player.

 Specially strengthened players and strengthened players A are as follows.

Shoma Uno, Kaori Sakamoto and others are specially strengthened players Kazuki Tomono, Mai Mihara and others are strengthened A

 Special reinforcement = [Men] Shoma Uno (Toyota Motor Corporation) ▽ Yuma Kagiyama (Oriental Bio, Chukyo University) ▽ Sota Yamamoto (affiliation undecided) ▽ Yoshio Miura (Oriental Bio, Meiji University) ▽ Shun Sato (Aim Service, Meiji University) ) ▽Roshi Nakata (TOKIO Inkarami) [Women] Kaori Sakamoto (Sysmex) ▽Momo Chiba (Kinoshita Academy) ▽Mao Shimada (Kinoshita Academy) ▽Rina Uezono (LYS) ▽Rika Watanabe (TOKIO Inkarami/Hodai) ▽Hina Yoshida (Kinoshita Academy) [Pair] Riki Miura, Ryuichi Kihara (Kinoshita Group).

Strengthened Player A = [Boys] Kazuki Tomono (Uenoshiba Skate Club) ▽ Tatsuya Tsuboi (Sysmex) ▽ Nozomi Yoshioka (Hodai) ▽ Shunsuke Nakamura (Kinoshita Academy) ▽ Shu Shuto (ID Gakuen High School) [Girls] Mai Mihara ( Sysmex) ▽Mako Yamashita (Chukyo University) ▽Rion Sumiyoshi (Oriental Bio, Meiji University) ▽Ikuyoshi Kushida (Kinoshita Academy).

Shoma Uno, Part 1 “Public opinion has many different opinions…” World Figure Figure Championship

Men’s skater Shoma Uno (Toyota Motor Corporation), who placed 4th at the World Figure Skating Championships held in Montreal, Canada, responded to an interview on the 24th, one day after his free skate. He gave a summary of the tournament, his plans for the future, and reflected on his own progress thus far. Uno’s talk will be distributed in two parts: the first part and the second part. The first part is as follows.

Shoma Uno, Part 1 "Public opinion has many different opinions..." World Figure Figure Championship

“I totally agree.”

 (One night after the World Championships) Well, I really want to have fun. Yes, that’s how I felt. In the end, the short program (SP) was good, but the free program was not good. Both the failures and successes were completely understandable. As I said when SP ended, I’ve practiced enough to accept whether I succeed or fail. I thought that because I practiced what I thought was my best every day, I would be accepted whether it was really good or bad.

 Well, when I really thought about what I wanted to value the most in this sport of figure skating, it was the opinions and words that were conveyed to me and those close to me. The most important…

Shoma Uno, Part 2 “The last two years have been tough…” Figure World Championship

Men’s skater Shoma Uno (Toyota Motor Corporation), who placed 4th at the World Figure Skating Championships held in Montreal, Canada, responded to an interview on the 24th, one day after his free skate. In the second part, he talked about the conflicts he has had over the past two seasons, and his gratitude to the fans who support him and the people close to him. The second part of Uno’s talk is as follows.

Shoma Uno, Part 2 "The last two years have been tough..." Figure World Championship

“I can’t thank you enough.”

 (In recent years, I haven’t been able to perform without making mistakes in freelancing) I think everyone is amazing. If it was just practice, I don’t think I jumped more often than you (the other athletes). In fact, I haven’t been able to make a perfect mistake even once in a game (recently), but what does that mean? When I say it’s like me, I think it’s like me.

 I think it’s a good thing that even when we look back on the past, there are still issues to be solved. If I had been really satisfied with the free skate at this tournament, I think I would have lost all motivation. The difference between the moment when last year’s World Championships ended and the moment when the current World Championships ended is that I feel that it was more refreshing and better.

Of course, the results were better last year and worse this year. I think the difference was probably due to the amount of practice I had accumulated leading up to that day, or maybe because I had some assignments left over.

 After last year’s World Championships, I just didn’t feel like skating for a while. I believe that any event that happens is for my benefit, so I think this time was one of those good events.

 (When asked if he had any desire to win against Ilya Malinin this time) It might have disappeared. My true competitive spirit is those two (Nathan Chen and Yuzuru Hanyu) (on the front line)…

Shoma Uno “Stefan fought well” World Figure Figure Championships

The final day of the World Figure Skating Championships was the 23rd (24th Japan time), and the men’s free skate was held in Montreal, Canada. Shoma Uno (Toyota Motor Corporation) took first place in the short program (SP), setting the highest score in the world this season. placed 4th with 173.13 points and a total of 280.85 points. Uno, who was unable to become the first Japanese male to win three consecutive tournaments, had a wry smile after his performance, and the following is his main statement:

Marinin is “on a different level than me”

 I said this after SP ended, but I think I’ve practiced enough not to think, “I should have done more this way,” even if I did a bad performance. Every day, and even today, I went into the actual performance through trial and error to figure out what I thought was best, and although it didn’t turn out well in the end, I thought it was kind of me.

 Even though we did all this, even though we couldn’t make adjustments in the last, most important scene, SP was still able to perform quite well for me, making it a memorable tournament, and I feel refreshed. I really don’t have any regrets about my training up until today. I’m satisfied with that.

 What kind of feelings will you have in the future, one night or a few days later? Of course, it will become a joke after a few weeks. However, I am happy for Stéphane (Coach Lambiel)…

Shoma Uno “Let’s all create together” Stars on Ice opens on the 30th

A press conference was held on the 29th, the day before the opening of the Osaka performance of “Stars on Ice”, a gathering of top figure skating skaters, at the venue, Towa Yakuhin Lactab Dome (Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture).

 Women’s Kaori Sakamoto (Sysmex) and men’s Shoma Uno (Toyota Motors) won their third consecutive victory at the World Championships (Montreal, Canada) from 20 to 23, the first time in 56 years. Ilya Malinin (USA), who won the championship by beating the previous title, was in attendance.

Sakamoto said, “What we will be showing at the Osaka performance is a newly created exhibition.In a competition, the emphasis is placed on the elements, but since it is an exhibition, I want people to see things other than the jumps.” Uno, who came in 4th place at the World Championships, said, “It’s a show that everyone creates.I think it has the collaboration and charm that is unique to Stars on Ice.”I want to do my best so that the customers who come to the show can have as much fun as possible. ” he said enthusiastically.

Marinin, who was the first person in the world to successfully perform a quad axel (a four-and-a-half rotation jump), said, “It depends on the conditions on the day, but the audience is looking forward to it, so I’d like to think positively about it.” It also has implications. The Osaka performance will be on the 30th and 31st. The Yokohama performance (Yokohama Arena) will be held from April 5th to 7th. [Hitoshi Kurasawa]


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