About Jason Karpf

Jason Karpf: From college dropout to college instructor in a decade.

Give or take a few months, I accomplished this mission. By renewing my education, I turned experience in creative arts and sales into a career focused on public relations and marketing. I changed my life through education, and I have no intention of stopping. My learning continues as now I help others learn.

I teach in classrooms and online. I teach the topics I put into practice in my day-gig as a PR/marketing professional. I have held corporate and agency positions and have worked as an independent consultant.

Lecturing to Adv 475, Pepperdine University, Fall 2010 (yours truly in middle row, third from right)

Doing the day-gig as a PR/marketing professional. Regional Communicator, American Red Cross, October 2014.

Doing the day-gig as a PR/marketing professional: Regional Communicator, American Red Cross, October 2014.

I am “The Funky Adjunct” because when I’m not doing the above, I’m often playing electric bass, the expression of my musical education during my teens and twenties.

Playing at a high school fundraiser, Summer 2010

Playing with praise team, Easter 2011

Looking forward to the coolest jam session–in class!


Jason Karpf, MPS

4 Responses to About Jason Karpf

  1. jackie says:

    Jason, you make it look like you INVENTED the blog. This is lively, comprehensive, inviting, professional, well-written, useful and engaging. It’s inspiring to see how you have evolved “who you are” with “what you do.” Congratulations and well done!

    • jasonkarpf says:

      Thanks, Jackie. I love PR and marketing. I love teaching. I love playing bass. Why not bring them all together on this blogsite! I look forward to students and colleagues joining me here.

  2. Jenny Good says:

    A truly awesome teacher whose attitude is conducive to real learning, an attribute sadly lacking in so many education professionals today.

    • jasonkarpf says:

      Awesome teachers are only possible with awesome students…like you, Jenny! You are a superb practitioner and scholar of marketing. Keep up the great work!

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