Former Johnny’s protests to BBC, president Higashiyama’s statement “intentionally distorted”

On the 25th, SMILE-UP. (formerly Johnny’s Office) lodged a strong protest against the British BBC broadcast for intentionally distorting and broadcasting President Noriyuki Higashiyama’s statements on a program that took up the issue of sexual assault, and issued a correction. He announced that he had sent a letter requesting an apology.

 Smile Inc. claimed that President Higashiyama’s remarks during an interview on the March broadcast of “The Shadow of a Predator: After Johnny’s Dissolution” were aired in a way that differed from the original intent.

Former Johnny's protests to BBC, president Higashiyama's statement ``intentionally distorted''

On the program, President Higashiyama was asked if he had anything to say to people who slander him, and he answered, “I think there is freedom of speech. There are times when I think that is a just opinion,” he said on the broadcast. Smile Inc. is complaining that the statement, “I myself would like to eliminate slander if possible,” was omitted.

 The BBC said: “We are currently reviewing the contents of the protest document and will not be commenting.” (Joint)

A new company started by former Johnny’s talent Takuya Kimura and “Arashi”

On the 10th, it was announced that “STARTO ENTERTAINMENT”, a new company that took over the talents of “SMILE-UP.” (formerly Johnny’s Entertainment), began full-scale operations on the same day. The company has signed contracts with 295 talents in 28 groups, and the list of artists on the company’s official website includes Takuya Kimura and Arashi.

 Start cited measures such as implementing training and revitalizing its internal reporting system as measures to prevent illegal acts such as sexual assault. A new department for training young talents will be established.

Noriyuki Higashiyama “I was a young carer” talks about pressure and poverty

Measures related to children are attracting attention as the Children and Families Agency will be launched in April next year. We asked actor Noriyuki Higashiyama (56), who was a young carer himself when he was an elementary school student, to share his thoughts on social issues surrounding children. [Interviewer: Koichi Kirino]

 –I heard that when you were in elementary school, you helped your grandfather, who was suffering from the aftereffects of a cerebral hemorrhage, by bathing him.

Former Johnny's protests to BBC, president Higashiyama's statement ``intentionally distorted''

 ◆When I was young, my father and mother were divorced, and I lived with my mother and my younger sister who is three years older than me. Her mother works as a barber and she comes home around 8pm. My daily routine was to make rice and miso soup with my younger sister, and then go to the public bath in the evening with my grandfather, who lived alone nearby, to wash his body. I was scared when I was dropping off my grandfather…

Johnny’s new president Higashiyama will retire from entertainment activities by the end of the year, “I’ll put my life on the line”

On the 7th, Johnny’s Office held a press conference in Tokyo regarding the issue of sexual assault by Johnny’s former president, Johnny Kitagawa (who passed away in 2019). The company’s president, Julie Keiko Fujishima, has resigned as president, and it has been announced that Noriyuki Higashiyama, an affiliated talent, will take over as the new president. Mr. Higashiyama will retire from entertainment activities by the end of the year to concentrate on his job as president, and said, “I will put my life on the line to tackle this issue.” [Digital news group].

The light and shadow of Mr. Johnny: Thoughts from author Hiroshi Kosuge, who has been interviewed closely: “Questions about sexual preference are strictly prohibited.”

61 years after its establishment, the former Johnny’s office changed its name to “SMILE-UP.” What kind of person was the late founder Johnny Kitagawa, who raised numerous male talents while causing problems with sexual assault? Hiroshi Kosuge, a writer who has conducted close interviews and got close to the inner workings of the former Johnny’s, talks about this.

 It was reported that the former Johnny’s group will not be participating in the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen on New Year’s Eve, where contestants will be announced on the 13th. “I was able to work with Johnny’s for over ten years and gained valuable experience as a reporter.” In 1968, he became the cover for Johnny’s for Shueisha’s magazine Seventeen, which he covered for over ten years. Even after he turned into a writer, he continued to watch.

 When Kosuge first took charge, Johnny warned him, “Idols have the impression that they end up in their teens, and the Japanese word “talent” is cheap. I hope you don’t use it again.” Mr. Johnny founded the old Johnny’s six years ago and debuted his original “Johnny’s” and “Four Leaves.” Johnny, who was born in the United States and is a second-generation Japanese American, used Star and Entertainer. “A star is someone who cannot be reached even if their fans reach out for them, so to speak.An entertainer is someone who shines bright enough to bounce back even when they are in the spotlight in show business, on TV, or on stage.That’s what Johnny’s is all about.”

 One day, Kosuge was allowed to enter an office in Tokyo that he was rarely allowed inside. “Choose the boy you think would be good for your team.” He was urged by Mr. Johnny to choose a few out of the thousands of photos of aspiring talents who had applied. …

Noriyuki Higashiyama declines to become president; former Johnny’s management new company

Noriyuki Higashiyama (57), president of “SMILE-UP.”, which changed its name from the former Johnny’s office due to sexual assault issues, has decided to start a new company that will soon be established to handle talent management. On the 31st, it was revealed through interviews with related parties that he had declined the position of president. Atsushi Fukuda, the president of a consulting company who is the agent for actor Non-san (30), is likely to be appointed as the new president.

 At a press conference held by the former agency on October 2nd, Smile Up focused on compensating the victims. A new company has been established to handle talent management and training, and the name of the company was being solicited through fan clubs until the 31st. Mr. Higashiyama was scheduled to concurrently serve as president of both companies.


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