Is the ‘PS5 Pro’ Launching This Year? Could It Dominate the GTA6 Experience?

PS5 Pro

Can one game control the fate of an entire game console? If that game is Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA6), it might be possible.

A Performance-Enhanced PS 5 Pro

"PS5 Pro" is likely to be released within this year Will it almost monopolize GTA6?

Rumors about a performance-enhanced version of the PlayStation 5, the PS5 Pro, being developed and set for release before this year’s holiday season are gaining traction. Reports suggest that the Pro model will feature enhanced ray tracing performance, faster rendering speeds, improved upscaling, and an increase in TFLOPS (teraflops), which refers to the base processing performance. If Sony releases the PS5 Pro as rumored, and GTA 6 launches as planned, the PS5 Pro will undoubtedly be the best console for playing the game, which is expected to become the fastest-selling game in history.

Performance-Enhanced Series X on Microsoft’s Gaming Business

"PS5 Pro" is likely to be released within this year Will it almost monopolize GTA6?

On the other hand, it is highly unlikely that an upgraded version of the Xbox Series X will be released. In June 2023, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s gaming division, stated that there was no need to develop a performance-enhanced version of the Series X. “We haven’t received that feedback so far. The current hardware is sufficient,” he said. Spencer emphasized that the focus for Xbox is on delivering great content and services rather than pushing out new hardware iterations. This approach aligns with their strategy of offering Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service providing access to a vast library of games, and their commitment to backward compatibility, ensuring players can enjoy a wide range of games across different Xbox generations.

Spencer’s comments suggest that Microsoft is confident in the current capabilities of the Series X and is instead prioritizing software and service enhancements to enrich the gaming experience. This contrasts with Sony’s apparent strategy to boost hardware performance with the PS5 Pro, potentially setting the stage for a showdown between the two consoles when GTA 6 launches. While Sony seems poised to capture the spotlight with cutting-edge hardware, Microsoft is betting on a robust ecosystem and value-added services to retain and attract gamers.

The Xbox 360’s Version of GTA 6: A Game Console Review

The Xbox 360's Version of GTA 6: A Game Console Review

Considering that PlayStation holds a 2-to-1 lead over Xbox in terms of market share for game consoles, it is already the largest platform for playing Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6). However, if Sony releases the PS5 Pro while Microsoft maintains the Xbox Series X without any enhancements, there will be even more incentive for those eager to play GTA 6 to choose the PlayStation.

This is particularly significant since the PC version of GTA 6 will not be released simultaneously with the console versions. Although developer Rockstar Games could release the PC version at the same time, it seems they are planning to launch an “upgraded version” for PC later. This strategy might encourage players who initially buy the console version to also purchase the PC version when it becomes available.

PS5 Pro: An Obstacle to a High-Performance PC Game

PS5 Pro: An Obstacle to a High-Performance PC Game

Even those who primarily play games on PC will likely need to purchase the console version to play GTA 6 immediately. Given the high anticipation for GTA 6, many players won’t want to wait a year or two for the PC version to be released. Additionally, it appears that Xbox has no plans to release a high-performance model comparable to the PS5 Pro. In other words, if you want to experience GTA 6 on the best hardware available, the PS5 Pro will be the clear choice.

However, price may be an obstacle to this strategy. Rumors suggest that the Pro model’s price could rise to $600, driven by higher component costs and Sony’s desire to increase profit margins.

GTA 6: What Happens to It?

GTA 6: What Happens to It?

But overall, this is great news for Sony. Even games that aren’t exclusive to PlayStation could drive both new and returning users to purchase the PS5 Pro. However, the release of GTA 6 in 2025 is still uncertain. Despite being in development for a significant period, GTA 6 is anticipated to be a landmark title in gaming history. Many AAA games have faced delays after their initial announcements, and it’s a common occurrence in the industry. The actual release timeline remains to be seen, and it’s something to keep an eye on.


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