World’s most expensive car ranking 2024 definitive edition

Top 10 “World’s most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

If we define a “luxury car” as a car that costs up to 10 million yen, then an “ultra luxury car” can be considered a car that costs 20 million yen, 30 million yen, or more. In terms of Japanese cars, the Century costs about 20 million yen, so it can be called an “ultra-luxury car” and it would be World’s most expensive car.

Furthermore, even without looking at the detailed vehicle prices, there is a common understanding that “this car manufacturer is a luxury brand.” For example, in the case of Rolls-Royce, all models can be considered “luxury cars” or “ultra-luxury cars.”

In addition, it is not uncommon for models with extremely low production numbers or limited edition models to sell for more than 100 million yen. Limited edition models sold in the past command a premium, and are sometimes sold at used car auctions for even higher prices. These cars can also be called “ultra-luxury cars” that are unfamiliar to ordinary people.

Based on the above, the definition of “ultra luxury car” can be given as follows.

Cars priced at 20 million yen, 30 million yen, or more. Rare cars (including used cars) of a limited number that are

ultra-luxury car brands . First, we select the most expensive luxury cars that are officially imported and sold in Japan. Ranked in descending order of vehicle type. The cars that made it into the ranking were between 35 million yen and 65 million yen. *This ranking includes all body types such as SUVs, sedans, and sports cars, and includes the highest grade vehicle price (excluding options) and 10% consumption tax among models whose production numbers are not limited. It is based on price.

10th place: Rolls-Royce Ghost

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 37.22 million yen

Ghost is a sedan that is part of Rolls-Royce’s lineup and is an entry model.

The second generation, which was released in 2020, is a rich sedan that can safely guide passengers to their destinations by being equipped with safety equipment that is essential for modern cars.

Equipped with “Vision Assist” and “Alertness Assistant” that provide day and night detection and warning functions, as well as a panoramic view function and a camera system that provides omnidirectional visibility. Its strength is that it reduces the burden on the driver.

A V-type 12-cylinder engine that produces 571 horsepower and a 4WD system enable it to comfortably pull a body that is over 5.5 meters long and weighs over 2,500 kg.

Release: 2020

Lowest grade: Base grade (vehicle price 37.22 million yen)

Latest “Ghost” used car information

Today’s inventory: 27 units

Average price: 26.28 million yen

Base price: 13.38 to 54.8 million yen

9th place: McLaren 720S Spider

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 39.3 million yen

The “McLaren 720S Spider” is an open car equipped with a retractable hard top, based on the 2-door coupe “720S” from British automaker “McLaren”.

The 720S was introduced in 2017 as a successor to the 2-door coupe 650S. It is one of the cars that is also active in the “FIA-GT3 car” in motorsports based on commercially available cars.

The retractable hardtop is electrically operated and can be easily opened and closed with the push of a button.

It features an exterior design reminiscent of a shark, a dihedral door that flips open diagonally forward, and lightweight carbon fiber construction. In addition, the “active rear spoiler” installed at the rear of the vehicle is an excellent piece of equipment that automatically operates and adjusts while driving. It has high spec specifications that make you think you’ve taken a racing car to the public road.

The 4000cc V8 twin-turbo engine that is installed has a power of 720 horsepower, comparable to the engine of an F1 (Formula 1) machine.

Released: 2017

Lowest grade: Base grade (vehicle price 39.3 million yen)

Latest “720S Spider” used car information

Today’s inventory: 3 units

Average price: 37.2 million yen

Base price: 37.2 to 37.2 million yen

8th place: Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 40.72 million yen The Superleggera Volante is a convertible version of Aston Martin’s 2-door coupe DBS. The installed soft top is electrically operated and can be opened and closed with one touch. Its strength is that it can free up space and create a sealed, quiet soft-top interior in about 15 seconds. The FR (front engine/rear wheel drive) layout is combined with a 5200cc V12 twin-turbo engine, resulting in a vehicle weight of over 2000kg. Although it has a “heavyweight” body, the 725 horsepower released from the twin-turbo engine makes it a monster machine of another dimension, reaching speeds of 320 km/h.

Release: 2018

Lowest grade: DBS VOLANTE (vehicle price 40.72 million yen)

Latest “DBS Superleggera” used car information

Today’s inventory: 11 units

Average price: 37.97 million yen

Base price: 28.5 to 43 million yen

7th place: Ferrari 296 GTS

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 41.5 million yen

The 296 GTS is an open car version of the 2-door coupe 296 GTB, which is part of Ferrari’s supercar series.

It is equipped with a retractable hard top that can be electrically opened and closed, and can be operated even while driving at speeds of up to 45 km/h. The fact that the exterior design with the roof closed is unchanged from the 296 GTB, and the aerodynamic performance is almost the same, shows how serious Ferrari is about the 296 GTS.

By reviewing the chassis design of the 296 GTB, the torsional rigidity of the body has been improved by 50% compared to the previous model, even though it is an open car.

The environmentally friendly power unit combines a 3000cc V-6 turbo with a power motor, producing 830 horsepower. With an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission and a mid-engine layout with a power package at the rear of the body, this car gives you the feel of an F1 machine or racing car.

Release: 2022

Lowest grade: 296 GTS (vehicle price: 41.5 million yen)

6th place: Ferrari 812GTS

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 45.23 million yen

The 812 GTS is a spider (open top) version of the 812 Superfast, one of Ferrari’s sports car lineup.

The notable point of the 812GTS is that the large-displacement engine is located at the front of the vehicle. The 6500cc V12 engine has a hidden power of 800 horsepower, and it has the potential to be used on Japanese public roads.

The electric retractable hardtop can be opened and closed with a single touch, and is an excellent system that operates even while driving at speeds up to 45km/h.

Although it is a spider, it weighs only 1,600 kg, and is a supercar that realizes a powerful package with an 800 horsepower engine.

Release: 2019

Lowest grade: 812 GTS (vehicle price: 45.23 million yen)

5th place: Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 48.11 million yen The Cullinan, which was announced in 2018, is a model that embodies the idea of ​​“What would happen if Rolls-Royce created a luxury SUV?” What you should pay attention to is the power unit. The 6750cc V-type 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine produces 571 horsepower and powerful torque of 850Nm. It is a car that is over 5m long and can comfortably run through a heavy body weighing between 2700kg and 2800kg with powerful power. It uses the same “space frame chassis” as the luxury sedan “Phantom” and a 4WD system with a 50:50 front-to-rear torque distribution to provide a supple and comfortable ride. Additionally, by simply pressing the “Everywhere” button, the car can drive smoothly and elegantly on any road surface.

The upper grade “Black Badge” is equipped with an engine that has been powered up to 600 horsepower and 900 Nm of powerful torque. This is a special model designed to improve driving performance.

Released: 2018

Lowest grade: Cullinan (vehicle price 41.84 million yen)

Latest “Cullinan” used car information

Today’s inventory: 6 units

Average price: 50.89 million yen

Base price: 46.90 to 55.98 million yen

4th place: McLaren 765LT Spider

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 49.5 million yen

The 765LT Spider is a spider model of McLaren’s top-of-the-line coupe 765LT.

The LT name stands for “Long Tail,” and it is a sports model that follows on from the famous F1-GTR, which was once active in the racing scene. The exterior design stands out with the extended body length, especially at the rear, and the larger and hydraulically adjustable rear wing.

The 4000cc V8 twin-turbo engine, which is also installed in its brother 720S, produces 765 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. Enjoy a sporty ride thanks to weight reduction in various areas and special suspension settings. This is a rare model with only 765 units sold.

Release: 2021

Lowest grade: 765LT Spider (vehicle price 49.5 million yen)

3rd place: Lamborghini Aventador

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 56.7 million yenThe Aventador is the top-of-the-line two-door coupe from Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini.It is a successor model to the Murcielago, which was produced in the 2000s, and has been in production for a long time since its debut in 2011.It features equipment comparable to a racing car, such as a carbon fiber monocoque, pushrod suspension, and a 7-speed single-clutch, 2-pedal transmission. The 6500cc V-type 12-cylinder engine produces 700 horsepower in the LP700-4 grade.The price of a new car is in the 40 million yen to 50 million yen range, but in the used car market there are a lot of “negotiable” properties, making it a supercar that you rarely see in Japan.

Released: 2011

Lowest grade: S (vehicle price 45.73 million yen)

Latest “Aventador” used car information

Today’s inventory: 46 units

Average price: 59 million yen

Base price: 32.85 to 95.8 million yen

2nd place: Ferrari SF90 Spider

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 58.56 million yen The SF90 Spider is a spider model based on the SF90 Stradale, a supercar created to commemorate Ferrari’s 90th anniversary. It has been developed using the technology built up as a veteran team in F1, the world’s top motorsport. It features a power unit that combines a 4000cc V8 twin-turbo engine with 780 horsepower and three power motors. Achieving a total power of over 1000 horsepower, it takes approximately 2.5 seconds to accelerate from 0km/h to 100km/h, making it a driving force that rivals that of an F1 machine.

Ferrari’s unique retractable hard top also uses the latest type, and is compact and can be opened and closed in a short time. It reigns as the “PHEV supercar” that Italy is proud of.

Release: 2021

Lowest grade: SF90 Spider (vehicle price 58.56 million yen)

1st place: Rolls-Royce Phantom

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

Vehicle price: 67.8 million yen

The Phantom is Rolls-Royce’s flagship four-door sedan.

The first model appeared in 1925. In fact, it has been the flagship car of the British luxury car manufacturer for nearly 100 years.

It has a large body with a total length of 5.7m and a width of over 2m. The front mask, which gives off a strong impression reminiscent of a fence, and the exterior design have also been improved, resulting in a car that has the feel of an official vehicle, giving the impression that a powerful person will emerge from the back seat as soon as the vehicle stops. It’s finished.

It is an ultra-luxury car with a 6750cc V-12 engine capable of hitting a top speed of 250km/h and an 8-speed AT (automatic transmission) packaged to deliver speed.

The high-grade Phantom Extended has an outstanding base price of 67.8 million yen.

Released: 2018

Lowest grade: Phantom (vehicle price 56.8 million yen)

Latest “Phantom” used car information

Today’s inventory: 8 units

Average price: 47.7 million yen

Base price: 12.5 million to 74.8 million yen

Three ultra-luxury car brands recognized around the world

Rolls-Royce (UK)

Rolls-Royce is a royal brand with a strong image of being a car for royalty and nobility. In the sense that a certain number of expensive cars are always produced and sold, it may be the easiest ultra-luxury car to buy.

A chauffeur-driven car like a Rolls-Royce has a stronger image of luxury than a sports-oriented car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Expensive sports cars may be classified as “supercars.” By the way, when you think of “ultra luxury cars” such as Ferrari or Lamborghini, they tend to be limited edition cars worth over 100 million yen.

Bentley also reigns as a British luxury car brand along with Rolls-Royce, but it can be said that Bentley is a car that owners drive themselves.

Bugatti (France)

If anything, Bugatti is considered an “ultra-luxury supercar.” Although its production and sales numbers are significantly lower than Rolls-Royce, it always has a lineup other than limited edition models.

Bugatti’s image as an ultra-luxury car is largely due to the strict screening of new owners’ creditworthiness in order to maintain the brand image.

Various investigations will be conducted, including not only whether you have the money to buy a Bugatti, but also whether you have the money and environment to maintain a Bugatti, and whether you have social credibility and responsibility.

Pagani (Italy)

Pagani can also be called an “ultra-luxury supercar” brand. Due to the limited production, Pagani itself is rarely seen in Japan. It currently produces and sells the Pagani Huayra.

Taking advantage of its small production capacity, the company also produces one-off models (one-of-a-kind models in the world) that reflect customers’ detailed orders, which may give it an image of being the ultimate premium car.

3 rare ultra-luxury cars with limited numbers

[1.4 billion yen] Rolls-Royce Sweptail

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

A one-of-a-kind special model made to order from a certain avid Rolls-Royce fan. It apparently took four years from conception to completion.

The owner’s commitment to luxury is reflected in the exterior, which is reminiscent of a sailing ship, and the minimalist interior design.

[1.45 billion yen] Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

A one-of-a-kind car created to commemorate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, announced at the Geneva Motor Show 2019.

It has a hand-crafted carbon body based on the Bugatti Chiron. It is a monster machine with a maximum output of 1500HP and a maximum torque of 163kgm.

[1.75 billion yen] Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

The Zonda is a supercar from the Italian company Pagani.

One of the cars owned by Yusaku Maezawa, a famous businessman known for works such as “ZOZOTOWN,” also became a hot topic.

Zonda’s special model “HP Barchetta” is said to be approximately 1.75 billion yen in Japanese yen, making it a world record price.

The AMG-made 7300cc NA (naturally aspirated) engine boasts a power of 760 horsepower. The exterior design does not have a roof, giving an impression similar to a formula car.

One of the most luxurious cars, of which only three exist in the world, it is so rare that it can be compared to the “Blue Bird of Happiness”.

[7.6 billion yen] 1963 Ferrari 250GTO

Top 10 “World's most expensive car” Ranking | What is the definition of an Ultra luxury car?

“Ferrari 250 GTO” is a racing car that appeared in 1962. It is a historic model that won numerous races such as the Tour de France, Targa Florio, and Le Mans.

In June 2018, a 250GTO was sold privately for 52 million pounds (approximately 7.6 billion yen). This amount is the highest ever for a car transaction. It can be said that the price was reasonable because it was a valuable car that won championships at the time.

Among the World’s most expensive car ultra-luxury cars worth over 100 million yen, there are many famous cars with a long history!

Not only limited production models and one-off models from each manufacturer, but also historic famous cars often have transaction values ​​exceeding 100 million yen.

The value of these old cars is expected to increase in the future, so we may see a car that breaks the Ferrari 250GTO’s record.


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