6 ways to build trust with your new boss from day one

6 ways to build trust

Let’s imagine. You join a new company and meet your new boss with a sense of nervousness. After three months, just when you thought you had established a solid relationship by using my 6 ways to build trust, you were reassigned to a new boss due to organizational restructuring.

Layoffs and frequent restructuring are harsh realities of the current economic climate. As a result, it’s not uncommon for employees to rebuild their relationships with new managers from scratch every few months. The question is, how do you maintain productivity, maintain continuity, and grow your career when your boss changes frequently?

6 ways to build trust with your new boss from day one

In most cases, changing bosses one after another during one’s tenure is often difficult, but it is also unavoidable. The only thing you can control is how you respond. Instead of resisting change, try to respond proactively.

Here’s why you should make a positive first impression and tips for building trust with your new boss from day one by using my 6 ways to build trust strategy.

Why it’s important to get along with your new boss

Let’s face reality. Building a strong relationship with your boss can boost your career. The better your boss knows you and how you do your job, the more likely you are to get something in return like a bigger job, a promotion, or a raise.

Another reason to get along with your boss is that it’s good for your mental health. According to a survey of employees conducted by The Workforce Institute, a think tank affiliated with UKG , 69% of respondents said their boss has an impact on their mental health. , outperformed doctors and therapists.

6 ways to build trust with your new boss from day one

Of course, a positive state of mind will make you more productive, energized, and dedicated to your work. There are also long-term benefits. Building a good relationship with your boss means that he or she is more likely to mentor you and write you a favorable letter of recommendation in the future.

6 ways to build trust for working under a new boss

When it comes to (re)building a relationship with your new boss, keep these strategies in mind.

1. Invest in relationship building

I know it’s tempting to tell yourself that even though you have a new boss, you’ll probably be replaced again soon. But why should we go to the trouble of building relationships?

6 ways to build trust with your new boss from day one

Actually, this is very important. You don’t know how long your boss will stay in the position, but you and your boss have a symbiotic relationship where you influence each other. Therefore, the more effort you put into building a relationship with your boss, the more you’ll enjoy your job. In fact, a McKinsey analysis shows that relationships with managers are the number one factor in employee job satisfaction.

2. Understand your boss’ priorities

The first thing you need to do is understand your boss’s role and priorities. Then, try to align your priorities with your boss’s. It’s important to understand how your role contributes to achieving your boss’s goals.

By standing on common ground with your boss, it becomes easier to understand your boss’s vision and take steps to support it.

3. Anticipate the other person’s needs

One of the best ways to anticipate your boss’s needs is to practice thinking like him. You don’t need to be able to read other people’s minds. All you have to do is understand what the other person expects from you and be proactive.

6 ways to build trust with your new boss from day one

Don’t be afraid to speak up and share ideas that will benefit your organization. Also, hone your business acumen so you can come up with ways to increase efficiency and make life easier for your boss. By staying one step ahead of your boss, you’ll eventually be able to approach your boss with solutions rather than problems.

4. Ask thoughtful questions

Ask thoughtful questions is Another way from our 6 ways to build trust with your boss is to ask thoughtful, probing questions. There are two reasons. It’s about establishing yourself as an inquisitive team member and getting to know your boss better. For example, ask questions such as:

・What is my boss’s preferred method of communication?

・What is my boss’s top priority this year?

・What are the company’s biggest challenges ?

・How can I better support my boss and provide added value?

・Improve my own performance I would like to do so, but is there any advice you can give?

5. Use empathy

Managers tend to be isolated, so try to understand your boss’s feelings and position. Develop your listening skills and provide feedback that shows you’re on their side. By doing so, you will not only gain the trust of your superiors, but also gain a deeper understanding of their concerns and issues.

6. Match your boss’s communication style

When it comes to interacting with your boss, you also need to adapt to the other person’s communication style. For example, does your boss prefer email updates or face-to-face meetings? Does your boss want to know more about your project, or just the big picture? Is your boss task-oriented or people-oriented?

By adapting your communication style to the people you work with, you can foster a dynamic and vibrant work environment.

6 ways to build trust with your new boss from day one

Building trust with your new boss isn’t easy, but adapting is the key to success. While starting over from scratch may seem like a lot of work, there are some positives. Every time you change your boss, your network of people who vouch for your work expands. If you think about it, isn’t this something to be happy about?


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