“A project that we all create together” ONE OK ROCK. Taka’s challenge for 10 years from now

A project that we all create together

Forbes JAPAN June 2024 issue features “NEXT100”, the hope to save the world. This project focuses on “100 diverse new entrepreneurs.” The “NEXT 100” are 100 entrepreneurs and leaders who have entrepreneurship and are taking on “their own ways” and “new methods” to tackle various issues from the global scale to society and local areas. A project that we all create together. People who create new value indicators with their unique style and aesthetic sense while creating social and economic impact along with many people will be the hope of the world in the future. Pay attention to “new crazy people for a better future.” 

The two, born in 1988, co-produce an organic supermarket. How do we envision 10 years from now through a project that is 100% natural and naturally derived?

A Turning Point in the Way the Friends and Friends Set up an Organic Supermarket

“A project that we all create together” ONE OK ROCK. Taka’s challenge for 10 years from now

“This is the beginning of a long project that we will all create together.” These are the words of Taka, vocalist of the rock band ONE OK ROCK, and Yua Onchi, CEO of ONPA JAPAN. In March 2024, they jointly opened an organic supermarket called 15/e organic. The supermarket, which sells only naturally grown foods and 100% naturally derived cosmetics and supplements, took about three years from concept to realization.

The two have been friends since their 20s, but why did they decide to start an organic supermarket? It is said that each of them had a turning point when their awareness of food changed. Taka lives on a bus during his overseas tour. “Since I travel by bus for more than a month, I tend to eat unevenly.

After doing this for more than 10 years, I realized that depending on what I eat, my tonsils may swell, and that food can affect my physical strength and performance.” On the other hand, Onchi, who used to be indifferent to her food, started to change her awareness of food due to Taka’s influence, changes in her physical condition since she turned 30, and a serious illness in her family. That’s what it means.

“It’s difficult to have a diet that is 100% harmless to your body. So, just like working five days a week and taking two days off, I want to set aside days to eat good things for my body, just like Saturdays and Sundays.” (Taka) . “This project started with the idea of ​​creating a place where things that would bring peace of mind at times like these were gathered,” Onchi recalls.

A project that we all create together Started Date

“A project that we all create together” ONE OK ROCK. Taka’s challenge for 10 years from now

The project started in May 2021, and the store name has the meaning of valuing words that start with the letter 15 “e”, such as earth, environment, and ecology. Based on this concept, we have set our own standards that are 100% natural and naturally derived, such as being grown on farmland that has not used pesticides for the past two years or adding no synthetic additives, and we work together to taste each product one by one.

Select products while checking. “Even though those around me told me it was impossible, I stuck to my standards even if it took time,” says Onchi. Based on that belief, Onchi traveled to farms across the country and spent three years assembling his products.

Common thoughts between music and projects

There is a reason why we set strict standards when selecting products. Taka points out, “In this day and age, there are many approaches that are conscious of packaging.Rather than showing off the outside, having people understand the essential part of the inside creates a strong connection between the creator and the recipient.” “Just as I’m conscious of connecting with people one-on-one when I’m on stage, I want to be able to face each person individually from a distance that allows for communication, rather than broadening the scope of this project.” The same motivation is at the core of both. 

“A project that we all create together” ONE OK ROCK. Taka’s challenge for 10 years from now

With this in mind, we are particular about customer service, and all of our store staff are certified nutritionists. Customers can choose products while consulting with them about their physical condition and menu for the day, or they can listen to their stories individually in the counseling room. Our goal is not to limit ourselves to just two people, but to share our values ​​with people who visit our supermarkets and create a brand together with them. While valuing simple activities such as communicating with visitors and farmers, they also have their sights set on developing their brand globally.

“Through our band activities, we have approached things not only from within Japan, but also from outside the world.In the same way, in order to create something new, it is necessary to review existing systems from a global perspective.

Yes. In order to preserve Japanese culture and history, it is important to see the world and learn about ourselves.” (Taka) What the two are aiming for is “the future 10 years from now.” Regarding the 10-year break, Taka said, “Contrary to the trend of an instant world where we can easily get everything, we are projecting the idea that it will take 10 years to complete everything, and in the best sense of the word, we are rebels against the times. I want to,” he says. Onchi continues as follows regarding the future.

“First of all, the challenge is to make it affordable.Through 15/e organic, we will convey the deliciousness of naturally grown ingredients and the feelings of people who take up the difficult challenge of natural cultivation.We will increase the number of farmers who are working on natural cultivation. “By purchasing farmland and increasing production, we want to create a future where many people choose naturally grown vegetables.”

The two emphasize that this is a project in which everyone works together to create new values ​​and awareness, with the aim of creating a future where vegetables are grown all over Japan that everyone can access with peace of mind. “Nothing is perfect. That’s why I believe that by growing together with this project, it will become something 10 years from now.” (Taka)

The store, which was renovated from a 40-year-old wooden building, is not on the main street of Omotesando, but is tucked away in a back alley. This may be due to the fact that rather than imposing their wishes unilaterally, they take a step back and present themselves as a place where they can share their values ​​with the people who visit.

Taka ◎Born in 1988 in Tokyo. He joined ONE OK ROCK in 2005 and serves as vocalist and song writer. He made his major debut in 2007 with “Naihishinsho.” Songs such as “Kantaku Sensai Dreamer” became hits, and in 2015, he signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records. He lives in Los Angeles.

Yua Onchi ◎Born in 1988 in Wakayama Prefecture. He decided to start his own business at the age of 19 and founded ONPA JAPAN at the age of 20. He started out in the product sales business, and now runs a beauty and health business. Up until now, the company has developed a diverse range of businesses, including internet sales, store management, and web marketing.


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