Is Japan over? 1 clear answer to the debate

Is Japan over?

The Clear Answer of this question “Is Japan over?” is On June 1st, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that the Nikkei Stock Average rose 7% in May, making Japan the world leader in stock price growth. Up until now, there has been a lot of negative discussion from many media outlets and so-called experts, asking why Japan is not doing well, although there may be differences in sentiment. However, I would like to add some perspective to this tone, and this month I would like to explain the theme of “Is Japan over?”

Conclusion! Japan’s economy is not finished!

Is Japan over? 1 clear answer to the debate

Coincidentally, last week, the company I run, Learning Edge, just concluded a six-day event called Seminar Festa 2023 under the theme “Is Japan finished?” We spent 6 days thinking about what we should do from the perspectives of AI x Marketing x Subscriptions x M&A, without missing out on the rapidly changing business moments. The more than 6,000 attendees (managers) who attended to gain hints about the future of Japan’s economy, which had been stagnant for a long time, responded with comments such as “I’m disappointed” and “The future has become clearer.” It was expensive, so I would like to tell you about it in this column.

Is Japan over? A contradiction

First, let’s start with the conclusion. “Japan’s economy is not finished.” We need to understand that the lost 30 years were an era of business model change, and without becoming pessimistic, we should continue to develop Japan’s unique “strengths.”

Is Japan over? 1 clear answer to the debate

For example, Dr. Urike Schade, a German economist who has been frequently seen in the media recently, says that “Japan is doing well.” Many people say, “Isn’t Japan no good anymore?”, but if you think about it calmly, it is still the third largest economic power in the world, and despite some pessimistic news, there are no civil wars or conflicts. , says that Japan is an orderly and clean country.

World has become an IT Mecca

On the other hand, Silicon Valley is now at the cutting edge of the world and has become an IT mecca. It is a comfortable and exciting area for successful people and companies, but for ordinary people, it is a place where they cannot keep up with their sense of speed and economic sense, and it is not the ideal society. Is not it.

This “sense of speed” is one of the points this time. It is true that Japan may be slow in terms of the speed of political decision-making and business evolution. However, there is a kind soil that has sacrificed its speed to protect the weak. As a result, a society with fewer disparities compared to Europe and the United States has been realized. In fact, he says, this Japanese style can be considered a model for how people live.

Keyword “Japan Inside”

Another point about “Japan is doing well” is the keyword “Japan Inside.”

For example, it was recently revealed that Apple’s products contain a large amount of Japanese precision equipment. The contents of the iPhone, which had been kept private until now, were revealed to be that many of the parts are manufactured by Japanese companies such as Murata Manufacturing, Nidec, and Kyocera. In addition, Sony’s technology is used in the Apple Vision Pro, which is currently a hot topic. When you pick it up, the surface looks like Apple, but the inside is made in Japan. In other words, precision and high quality products can often only be made in Japan.

Is Japan over? 1 clear answer to the debate

There may be many people in the world who don’t know that Panasonic’s technology is used in Tesla’s batteries, but their heart lies in the profound spirit of “giving in to others” that is unique to Japan. It may be due to gender.

However, in the future global business society, this “secureness” is not necessarily an advantage. This “Japanese sense of modesty” has to change at some point. This means you need to update your marketing strategy. Rather than trying to be assertive or sell yourself,

I think it’s necessary to make an effort to get people to understand the value and truth. Although Japan’s tourism business and manga/anime have successfully penetrated the world, I believe that when it comes to competing on the global stage with other content, what Japan needs to strengthen from now on is marketing. Masu. In the name of modesty, Japan is fatally bad at marketing. As a nation, we would like to develop a culture of “above-the-level marketing” that will enable us to disseminate information appropriately.

The world is obsessed with Japanese stocks! ?

There are other points about “Japan is doing well.” Warren Buffett, who is said to be one of the world’s three largest investors, made headlines for commenting highly on Japan at the shareholders’ meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, where he is chairman and CEO. is talking about.

Is Japan over? 1 clear answer to the debate

Coincidentally, the Nikkei Stock Average rapidly entered the 30,000 yen range, but the reason for the increase in momentum was that Buffett was always talking about Japan and decided to buy more Japanese stocks. can be said to be one of the factors. He decided that “Japan is the best country in East Asia to invest in,” and this instantly increased the importance of Japan in markets around the world.

I also recently had the opportunity to hear the story of Mr. Kosei Senbon, who co-founded Daini Denden (currently KDDI) with the late Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera. Mr. Senmoto went to Europe this spring and said that he was invited to a meeting of the world’s top investors and was asked in-depth questions about Japan. Asia was clearly mentioned as a future investment destination for investors around the world. It’s no longer America, it’s not Europe, it’s Asia.

The bottom line is Japan

However, when we say Asia, we don’t mean China, so when it comes to which country is the best place to invest? Although we are aware of Thailand, of course, and countries with high potential such as Indonesia and Cambodia, the answer is, “The bottom line is Japan.” You said that you had reached a conclusion. Mr. Senmoto clearly and passionately stated, “The lost 30 years will end this year. And 2023 will be the bottom.”

Over the past few months, we have finally begun to see signs of Japan’s recovery, albeit gradually. As a result of picking up everything from trivial matters to big news, I would like to once again convey to everyone the message that “Japan is not finished!” Above all, I hope that in the end, whether or not Japan will become better in the future depends on us, current managers, and business leaders.I hope that you will carry out your daily work toward great success with the thought and ambition that we, current managers, and business leaders. ,I hope so. Of course I’ll do my best as well.


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