Parallel Worlds Discovered: What We Know So Far

What is a parallel world?

Some people may have big dreams when they hear that there is a parallel worlds. If there is an alternate universe in which certain phenomena lead to different outcomes – a world in which a single critical decision takes us in a completely different direction, then perhaps there is a way to reach that universe.

Not only particles and fields, but even humans could be moved from one universe to another, and we might be able to live in another universe that is much better than our current one. This idea is well-established in the world of theoretical physics, and various possibilities have been pointed out, including the results of quantum mechanics and the concept of the multiverse.

However, what do these worlds have to do with reality that can be observed and measured? Recently, we heard that evidence of the existence of parallel universes has been discovered, but Jordan Colby Cox asks the following about the significance of this.

An article is circulating that physicists have discovered evidence of the existence of parallel universes in Antarctica.

So, what is the truth?

Evidence of "parallel worlds" finally discovered?

From a physics perspective, parallel universes are an extremely fascinating concept that captures the imagination, but their existence is extremely difficult to verify. The concept of parallel universes originally came from quantum mechanics, a field notorious for its unpredictability. Even if you know all the ways to configure a system, you still can’t predict the outcome. For example, if a single electron is fired through a double slit, it is possible to calculate the probability of where the electron will land, but it is impossible to predict the exact landing spot.

There is a remarkable concept in quantum mechanics called the many-worlds interpretation (MWI). This idea assumes that all possible outcomes actually occur, but only one outcome occurs in a universe. Therefore, it would take an infinite number of universes for all possible outcomes to actually occur. There are no experimental or observational results that refute this interpretation, so it can be said to be just as valid as other interpretations.

Evidence of "parallel worlds" finally discovered?

next time the existence of Parallel Worlds in universes attracted attention in the world of physics was due to its connection with the concept of multiverse. The universe we live in was created by the high-temperature Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. However, the Big Bang is not the very beginning of the Parallel Worlds in universe. Before that, there is another stage called “cosmic inflation” that triggers the Big Bang. After inflation ends, the big bang occurs.

Evidence of "parallel worlds" finally discovered?

However, inflation does not end everywhere at once. In places where inflation doesn’t end, it could continue to expand and cause an even bigger big bang over a wider area. Once inflation starts, it is virtually impossible to stop it, and it will inevitably continue at some point.

As time passes, many more big bangs occur. None of these big bangs interfere with the other big bangs, and countless independent Parallel Worlds in universes are born. This is the multiverse. It can be predicted that many independent universes will be born in an ever-expanding space-time, but inflation does not end in all spaces at once, but continues to expand in isolated and independent spaces. That is the scientific reason for the multiverse, and the reason why the two universes are not contradictory. No matter how many universes are created by inflation, there are not enough universes to realize all the possible quantum mechanical outcomes of quantum interactions within individual universes.

KAREN46 / FREEIMAGES The big problem is that there is no way to test these two theories and limit the predictions surrounding parallel universes. After all, if we are confined to our own Parallel Worlds in universe, how can we reach other universes? Our universe has its own laws of physics, which are consistent with a vast number of other laws that have always held. Particles do not simply arise, disappear, and change in quality. It exists only by interacting with other matter and quanta of energy. The outcome of that interaction is also controlled by similar physical laws.

Evidence of "parallel worlds" finally discovered?

Even with the results and records of all the experiments, observations, and observations that have been made to date, no interaction has been discovered that cannot be explained without the existence of something beyond our isolated universe.

That was, of course, before many of the articles hit the headlines this week. It was reported that scientists have found evidence of the existence of Parallel Worlds in universes in Antarctica. If this is true, it goes without saying that it would be a groundbreaking discovery. This is a claim that dramatically suggests that our current understanding of the universe is inadequate, and that there is much more to learn and discover than previously thought.

Not only does another Parallel Worlds in universe exist somewhere, but the matter and energy of that universe is transferred and interacts with the matter and energy of our universe. If this claim is true, the world of science fiction, which until now was only a dream no matter how wildly imaginative, may become a reality. We might even be able to travel to other universes. Something like this might happen there.

・She decided to work abroad instead of staying in her own country
・She didn’t want to be left alone and stood up to the bully
・Catched the guy who was about to run away and kissed her in the middle of the night 

Parallel Worlds in other pocket universes (bubble universes)

There are parallel worlds in other pocket Parallel Worlds in universes (bubble universes) in the multiverse, or somewhere else created by theoretical physics, where life-or-death
events that you once faced with your loved ones had different outcomes .

So, what is the noteworthy evidence that proves the existence of parallel Parallel Worlds in universes? What are the observational records and observational conclusions that bring unexpected and noteworthy conclusions? The Antarctic Impulse Transient Antenna Experiment (ANITA), which uses a radio-sensitive observation balloon, detected radio waves with a certain amount of energy coming from beneath the Antarctic ice. It is good that the experimental results were obtained as intended. Both in theory and in reality, all kinds of cosmic particles are flying around in space, including neutrinos, which are difficult to detect.

Most of the neutrinos that pass through our bodies are generated by the sun, stars, or the Big Bang, but there are also neutrinos that originate from celestial bodies such as pulsars and black holes, as well as from unknown mysterious objects. Researchers prepare for the Antarctic Impulse Transient Antenna Experiment (ANITA). In this experiment, an observation balloon suspended above Antarctica detected radio waves from particles that were thought to be undetectable.

NASA Also, neutrinos have a wide range of energy levels, and the neutrinos with the highest energy levels are (of course) extremely rare, which is why many scientists are interested in them. Neutrinos cannot be observed in ordinary matter. Even if you use lead that is 100 million light years thick, there is only a 50% chance of detecting it. Therefore, in reality, it can be said that they come from all directions.

Evidence of "parallel worlds" finally discovered?

However, the high-energy neutrinos we see did not originate far away. When other (also much more energetic) cosmic particles collide with the upper atmosphere, creating a cascade of particles, some become neutrinos. Some of these neutrinos pass completely through the Earth, but only interact with the Earth’s outermost crust (or ice), so the signals they emit can be detected.

The unusual phenomenon observed in the ANITA experiment is consistent with the fact that neutrinos generate radio waves as they pass through the Earth, but the amount of energy is so large that they are stopped. It is impossible to pass through the Earth without it.

How many times has this phenomenon been observed? Three times.

Did those neutrinos need to pass through Earth? There wasn’t. The first two may have been regular air showers of tau neutrinos (one of the three allowed types of neutrinos), and the third was probably part of the experimental background.

In fact, there is plenty of evidence to deny that these neutrinos ever passed through Earth. The IceCube Observatory has a neutrino detector, and if high-energy tau neutrinos are regularly passing through the Earth (and the Antarctic ice), it should definitely be picking up the signal. However, it is clear that there are no such detection results.

Evidence of "parallel worlds" finally discovered?

From a scientific perspective, the following interpretation can be made.・The radio signals detected by ANITA cannot be explained.・Their main hypothesis was that high-energy tau neutrinos travel upwards through the Earth.・The hypothesis was rejected by the results of the IceCube observation facility . If the above shows that there is no point source of celestial bodies that generate the particles indirectly observed by ANITA , then where exactly is the parallel Parallel Worlds in universe? 

There are only three reasons that can explain ANITA’s observations. Either there is an object producing these particles, the observation equipment is malfunctioning or the observational data is misinterpreted, or an extremely rare phenomenon (called a CPT violation) that does not fit within the standard model has occurred. A raft. Thanks to excellent scientific research, the first possibility has been ruled out (in January), so the answer is definitely the second reason. What about the third one? If our Parallel Worlds in universe cannot violate CPT (charge, parity, time), then we might think that it came from a parallel universe where CPT is reversed. However, this explanation is unfounded and unlikely.

Evidence of "parallel worlds" finally discovered?

science, when relying on a breakthrough theory, one must eliminate all previous theories that do not match the new physical phenomenon. A number of surprising claims have been made over the past decade, but upon further investigation, all of them fall apart. For example, neutrinos do not travel faster than light, dark matter and sterile neutrinos have not been discovered, cold fusion does not exist, and the supposedly impossible “recoilless engine” has failed. There is no end.

This story clearly illustrates what good science is. An experiment (ANITA) observed an unexpected phenomenon and published the experimental results. A better experiment (Ice Cube) verified the phenomenon and disproved the leading theory. The verification experiment strongly suggested that something was wrong with the first experiment. Further scientific testing will eventually reveal what actually happened. Based on the current scientific evidence, Parallel Worlds in universes remain a science fiction dream.


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